Cost-effectively reach potential customers beyond simple search marketing

Target customers that are already interested in your products / services

1)      Use remarketing feature to target precise customer groups

2)      Tallored ads to these specific groups

3)      Run ads on relevant pages across the web

Results of Remarketing

–          Retain your existing customers with remarketing and see your purchasers come back for more !

Reduced cost-per-conversion by over 30% for abandoned shopping cards

Reduce cost-per-conversions by over 70% for previous purchasers

Increase view-through conversions on remarketing ads

Remarketing campaign accounts for an average of 10% of total click through conversions


Remarketing allows you to reach people online who have recently been interested in your product or service.

You just need to create 4 remarketing lists of people

1)      All visitors ( anyone who visited your home page)

2)      Customers who made purchases

3)      Customers who abandoned their shopping cart

4)      Customers who signed up for a sweepstakes

You will soon see that remarketing will re-engage people again across the web and make sure they don’t forget about your products or services. You will now be able to target them precisely with a strong call-to-action to drive immediate sales.

Remarketing is simple for us to set up so you don’t have to work with millions of publishers in your niche we will display your ads on those sites where your customers are doing things related to your products and or services.

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