Why Our Network?

What Makes Netstreamed Better?

The Netstreamed platform was designed specifically with the self-serve, data-driven advertiser in mind – which means that it was designed to be both the easiest and most powerful way to buy display advertising online.

Here are the core reasons for what makes Netstreamed great:

  • Transparency – Full data      granularity on the campaign, site, placement, and creative levels. You      know exactly where every dollar of your ad spend is going, down to the      exact placement and banner.
  • Interface – Fast and      easy-to-use interface that provide a friendly experience. Totally      self-serve.
  • Control – When you make      changes to your campaigns, the system reacts immediately, giving you      unprecedented control over your media buying experience. Domain level      media buying allows for very specific media planning, in addition to      run-of-network or run-of-category.
  • Service – Our account      managers are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet! Rarely      will you find an advertising platform that provides the level of service      we do, for customers of all sizes.
  • Flexibility – Upload your      ad, select your ad from a vault of your ads, or even create your ad with      the Netstreamed AdBuilder right in the RTB platform.

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DSP ( Demand Side Platform )

We have a fully integrated Platform with 14 ad networks working for you at the same time

We use RTB ( Real Time Bidding )


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