Our Technology

NetStreamed Media’s goal with the ad buying and management of performance-based advertising is to simplify the process. While delivering sophisticated targeting with 100 percent transparency, clients are empowered to maximize returns. Ad management efforts are based on a strategic selection of advertiser offers that reach real customers.

Our technology consists of analytical tools that are essential to managing an effective advertising campaign. We help clients select which campaigns are the best for their business goals and objectives. By paying close attention to the needs of publishers and advertisers, NetStreamed Media has an affiliate advertising network that eases the process.

NetStreamed Media promises a fully transparent service for customers and end users. With our effective technologies, you can view and manage every site that displays your company’s advertisement. You can use our proven system to drive more traffic to your site. Additionally, our technology system identifies click fraud. Clients are never charged for multiple clicks on ads.

We have a unique partnership with our partners to provide a one-stop platform for ad serving and buying. Agencies and direct advertisers can experience the best technology on the market for real-time bidding of online advertising.

What you get is an impression-by impression control that helps advertisers. Real-time bidding allows flexibility for advertisers to tailor bids through an auction based marketplace. All benefits of this process such as automated optimization, data analytics and leverage audience targeting are realized. Publishers also enjoy increased revenues and cost-per-thousand, known in the advertising network industry as CPM.

With an ever-changing global marketplace, NetStreamed Media has successfully redefined the meaning of a full-service advertising agency. We are armed with a comprehensive team of resources that include programmers, expert media buyers and creative designers. Each brings years of experience and industry knowledge that will take our clients’ businesses to the next level.

NetStreamed Media is dedicated to delivering the right communication solutions to a broad client base. We are reaching clients at their place of need whether it is regional, national or global. In addition to innovative technologies, we offer strategic online development planning for advertising, placement and optimization.

When our client’s goal is to sell products or services online, NetStreamed Media is the perfect partner.

We do the work. Your business reaps the rewards. Measurable results show that campaigns perform as expected with a smooth management journey.


NetadServe – Display Network ( for Advertisers )

  • Self-serve or hand held (your choice) campaign management environment
  • Access to multiple inventory sources through a single interface
  • CPM, CPC or CPA media buys
  • Real-time bid management
  • Hyper targeting
  • Customizable Yield Optimization Engine to ensure ROI
  • Data management
  • Block list building (domain and category)
  • Robust drill down reporting
  • Personal account support


NetadTracker – Reporting Engine

  • Full granular drill down reporting – See the data the way you want to see it
  • Saved reports for frequent usage
  • Push reporting via XML, email and SMS
  • Full Transparency

NetadPredict – Online Media Buying Planner

Provides an environment for media buyers & advertisers plan their targeting scenarios

  • Forecast available inventory at various price points, geographic and audience targets and more.
    • Available impressions & suggested cost by keywords.
    • Available impressions & suggested cost by domain URLs.
    • Available impressions & suggested cost by any geo target.
    • Available impressions & suggested cost by banner size.
  • Mine historical data by category, conversion rate, CTR


NetadPush – Publisher Management & Reporting Environment

  • Fully customizable account settings
  • Include and exclude settings
  • Floor pricing by page, channel
  • Frequency and targeting
  • Access to thousands of branded CPM, CPC & CPA campaigns.
  • 100% inventory fill and top industry payouts.
  • Real-time reporting
  • Auction based selling.
  • Real-time ad optimization.
  • Personal account support.

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