14 AD Networks

ad network pyramid



  • Has      access to 8000 exclusive sites that generate over 60 million daily      impressions
  • Has      access to not one, but 15 ad networks that provide:
    • 1 billion       daily impressions in Canada
    • 10 billion       daily impressions in the United States
    • 5 billion       daily impressions in other countries (United Kingdom, Australia, Russia, etc.)
  • Provides      real time reporting for their clients
  • Offer      domain level reporting
  • Discounted      Cost Per Click (CPC)/Cost Per Million (CPM) rates due to our sophisticated      Real Time Bidding platform (25% savings on average)
  • Can      run CPC/CPM ads on mobile, web and video
  • Can      run pop under ads at low CPM rates of $2 or less




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