A Well Converted Audience is the Best Kind

Today’s advertisers are looking for high performing strategies to improve online marketing efforts. With NetStreamed Media, advertisers receive the most effective tool to not only reach target audiences, but also convert them into satisfied customers. We have developed a diverse distribution network to reach audiences where they interact most.

Our high performing mobile properties, premium vertical sites and global reach combine to create the most sophisticated targeting capability on the market.

NetStreamed Media realizes that no two advertising campaigns are exactly alike. Our friendly and professional team of campaign experts will design a program that fits targeting and pricing criteria. We have a winning strategy that uses technology and information that encourages a narrow focus.

Advertisements connect with a target audience that soon becomes a converted audience. Whether you want to reach soccer moms or skateboarding males, through CPM, CPC, or CPA, NetStreamed Media has a solution.

NetStreamed Media incorporates a four point approach to help clients achieve online marketing success: targeted, volume, call-to-action, testable.

Targeted – we engage highly targeted platforms to deliver your message directly to people searching for what you offer. Your ads are based on your target audience’s interests, location and age and more.

Volume – Millions of people use the Internet daily to search for information and services. Our online advertising campaigns expand your reach to qualified customers.

Call-to-Action – When people view an ad at the right time, they will not only click on it for more information. Soon, they will make a purchase that directly affects your bottom line.

Testable – How do you know if an online advertising campaign works? NetStreamed Media offers an advertising system that tests the quality of an advertisement. Modifications to different variables such as images or a call-to-action will maximize the efficiency of the campaign. Results from monitoring the campaign’s progress can lead to changes that convert very well.


Work Smart Approach: Get the Best Performing Sites Working for You

Online publishers have become essential partners to brands world-wide. In response to this demand NetStreamed Media provides a leveled ground where you can receive services from more than one. Through our broad advertising network, you can choose performance-based traffic that works for you.

We offer real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities that enable advertisers to tailor bids based on over 15 billion daily impressions. Now, advertisers can leverage audience targeting and re-targeting with productive online advertising techniques. NetStreamed optimizes the campaign based on our client’s specific goals, ensuring the best bang for their advertising buck. We maximize results through automated optimization, global frequency capping, data analytics and full transparency of campaign activity.

NetStreamed Media’s performance-based model allows you to define which field data is needed. With our unique model, you pay only for results, which can be significant from our extensive ad exchanges. NetStreamed Media is a member of the largest ad exchanges including Yahoo’s Right Media exchange, Double Click AdX by Google, and Microsoft’s AdECN.

By partnering with many exchanges, clients can market promotions through a broad range of mediums. Additionally, precious advertising time is not wasted with fraud. NetStreamed carefully screens publishers with strict criteria to ensure advertisers do not pay for bad leads. Traffic is monitored on a continual basis to guarantee the integrity of publishers and satisfaction for advertisers.

Downtime in the online environment translates into lost revenue. NetStreamed professionals will have your offer up and running as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to uploading your marketing campaign expeditiously to the highest performing sites. You will be pleased by our fast, friendly service.

Our dedication to your success does not end with an uploaded campaign. Each advertising client receives ongoing services from NetStreamed to support the campaign’s success. Speak to a member of our experienced team to get started today!


Take Control of Your Advertising Budget – Cruise Control your Budget

NetStreamed Media utilizes a Demand Side Platform (DSP) that empowers you to take control of your advertising budget. We offer sophisticated technology for that enhances your return on investment (ROI) through filtered site traffic. We bring the audience to you based on many user demographic factors such as location, time of day, language, and browser type.
We offer an innovative way to manage online marketing campaigns. Our DSP will maximize your ROI by allowing you to pay for targeted results, not hope. With a user-friendly navigation dashboard and advanced tracking capabilities, DSP is the premier solution for performance-based marketing.

The platform offers the best of both online advertising worlds where you control how much – or how little – you will invest. With lead delivery and publishing capabilities, the fraud management tools and full API integration provides ease and efficiency. Our clients can increase productivity of advertising campaigns and monetize traffic while enhancing their business model.

NetStreamed is dedicated to ensuring our advertisers save money. We provide performance-based marketing solutions that create and manage online advertising campaigns. You can track the progress of a campaign to achieve better results.

NetStreamed Media clients have direct access to a powerful suite of campaign management tools. This includes robust reporting platform to help you track ROI and other campaign metrics. Our reporting system shows the conversion, click through rate and more information that is essential to lead generation and sales.

Additionally, you never pay for low-quality traffic. Instead, our exclusive Net Soldier technology guarantees you only pay for real customers. NetStreamed is an industry leader in performance-based advertising. Our network consists of quality, high-performing publishers ready to market your offer in the best possible ways. You can harness the knowledge and skill that our team of experts bring to create and manage effective campaigns.

Contact NetStreamed Media today to get started on finding your next customer!

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