Our Network

NetStreamed Media has developed a diverse distribution network that includes global reach, premium vertical sites and one of the most sophisticated targeting capabilities. This unparalleled network in the online advertising market is to ensure convenience exists for our clients. To do this, we focus on a three tier traffic generator: Premium Mobile, Best of Web and NetStreamed Elite publishers

Premium Mobile

Our partnership with the leading local search application Poynt.com is a strong example of our commitment to clients. Poynt.com is known on the market as a leading performance-based mobile advertising app for highly targeted advertising campaigns. NetStreamed believes is working with the best performing apps for the best results.

Developers of apps prefer to guarantee a return on investment to users from mobile advertising. With a strong performance-based network like NetStreamed Media, developers can have a direct influence on the placement and resulting traffic for the apps. Ultimately, this leads to an increase in downloads as users discover the apps.

Best of Web

NetStreamed has a Run of Network (RON) channel that provides a low cost opportunity for clients to reach thousands of sites. We can offer this opportunity with either a cost-per-thousand (CPM) or a cost-per-click (CPC).

Clients advertise on a CPM basis by focusing on a preferred geographic region within our advertising network. With CPM, clients take their message to millions of potential customers. Users simply click on an advertisement to either make a purchase or learn new information about our clients.

With this method, publishers are paid when a user clicks on an advertisement, a favorable option for marketers because of the potentially lower cost.

Some publishers that have premium brands may reject CPC. This is particularly true when many advertising networks are willing to accept unsold inventory and pay via CPM. NetStreamed is committed to making CPC work just as well for clients if this is the direction they choose.

NetStreamed Platinum Publishers

We also include our premium channel, NetStreamed Platinum publishers, for agencies and advertisers who want exposure on high-profile brand sites such as Yahoo! and Yahoo! Canada. Advertisers can reach their target audience with access to more than 100 premium web publishers working exclusively with NetStreamed Media.

Our publishers are integrated into our platform so we can offer clients campaign optimization. Clients can keep their brand safe and reach their target audience with ease. Integration leads to seamless access to multiple ad sources that maximize our clients’ inventory value.

Performance Verticals

As the exclusive network for the NetStreamed audience network, NetStreamed Media is capable of reaching millions of unique visitors each month. We have a group of high performing sites that will meet our clients’ need. Our commitment is to have an intimate understanding of our clients’ campaign goals and execute an effective plan.

Through continuous dedication, NetStreamed depends on experience to help novices and seasoned clients alike accomplish desirable results. We take the time to evaluate your target market, develop an organized plan and unveil the campaign through strategic steps.

Nearly one-third of consumers are online three or more hours each day. This translates into a lot of exposure to offers from companies across industry spectrums. For consumers, this becomes too much information and too many choices. Throwing advertisements to the wall, hoping something sticks with consumers, is not an effective strategy.

NetStreamed does not believe in simply creating advertisements. We believe in creating relationships between consumers and companies. Traditional advertisements can desensitize consumers and they will actively seek what they want. Waiting for a good idea is a waste of time and money.

This behavior is precisely what our performance verticals seek to target. Your offers are presented to consumers who are looking for your product or service. In addition to the security of knowing your ads will reach interested consumers, we support, guide and educate our clients throughout the process. NetStreamed understands the importance of creating high-quality ads that result in sales.

Clients enjoy the premium benefit of being part of our exclusive network. Publishers understand the best results are from targeting specific performance verticals. We do not simply hope for the best. Instead, we help our clients capture the best online audience.

NetStreamed has both the strength and presence required for specific performance verticals. Clients are never in the shadows about our intentions. We keep communications open throughout the network.

We will focus our energies to optimize our clients’ campaign, which will enhance their bottom line. NetStreamed is committed to offering valuable insight into a marketplace full of new opportunities to reach the right consumers. Our motivation to being successful is improving our clients’ return.

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